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Bahasa naik daun, dahulu disia-siakan! Siapa salah bunda mengandung!?

Bahasa naik daun, dahulu disia-siakan!

Siapa salah bunda mengandung!?

Ada apa gerangan dengan Indonesia?

Mengimpor guru, tenaga pengajar, untuk bahasa Mandarin?

China sends 76 teachers to Indonesia to teach language

People's Daily Online


22:02, January 29, 2008

A total of 76 Chinese language teachers have been sent to Indonesia to teach Chinese language at universities and junior high schools, Education and Cultural Ministry said Tuesday.

A director at the ministry Fasli Jalal said that the teachers would be placed at 18 provinces and two universities that have Chinese language program, the Indonesian University and the Dharma Persada University at the capital of Jakarta.

"As the demand grows, we have requested 76 teachers this year," he told reporters.

He said the sending of the teachers from China has been carried out since 2001.

"Now we must learn Chinese language, as China is a country with high economic growth," said Fasli.

Source: Xinhua

Bola dunia itu bulat dan juga berputar!

Sekarang mungkin memang sudah saatnya untuk melupakan matahari yang sudah terbenam di Hollywood di negara Amerika Serikat!

Suharto: As He Lays Dying

Andre Vltchek

Jakarta, Indonesia
January 25, 2008

Singaporean senior minister Lee Kuan Yew (left) and former Indonesian dictator Suharto after a meeting in February 2006. (Photo: Dewira / AFP-Getty Images)

It is 4 p.m., Jan. 13, 2008. The main entrance to Pertamina Hospital in South Jakarta is besieged by dozens of journalists. Almost all of them are local, as Indonesia doesn't attract international media conglomerates, unless there is a deadly landslide, tsunami, or airplane crash. Some reporters are placing the lenses of video and photo cameras against the glass of the hospital entrance, hoping to spot at least some action.

... ... ... ...

The Chinese language was banned, and so were words like "atheism" and "class." For the rest of the world that was barred from learning about the tragedy of 1965-66, it was easy to believe the mass media, which hailed Suharto as an ally and statesman. It was the time of the Cold War and the major American preoccupation was Vietnam. When the dust settled, bodies buried, washed away, or decomposed, Indonesia opened up again: for business and tourism. The Indonesian people, for the most part, were terrorized into silence, with no memory and no desires except to move rhythmically to the latest pop tunes and prayers, close to starvation but grinning as ordered, with no complex thoughts and questions; lobotomized.

Indonesia's Chinese enjoy a cultural revival

By Pipit Prahoro Tue Jan 15, 12:40 AM ET

SOLO, Indonesia (Reuters) - Indonesia's ethnic Chinese communities, repressed and persecuted for many years, are enjoying a cultural revival even in the heart of the predominantly Muslim island of Java.

... ... ... ...

For decades after Suharto crushed the supposedly Beijing-backed coup, his government suppressed or strongly discouraged many aspects of Chinese culture, including the use of the Chinese language or names.

Celebration of Chinese New Year was banned. It was even forbidden to bring books or documents with Chinese characters into the country.

But as elsewhere in Asia, the ethnic Chinese played an important role in the economy.

As traders and business people, they accounted for a disproportionate share of the economy, and Suharto himself had plenty of wealthy Chinese businessmen in his inner circle.

Indonesia's Suharto: a complex legacy

The Christian Science Monitor
Mon Jan 28, 4:00 AM

Indonesia will never see former President Suharto, who died Sunday, face a courtroom and receive the crisp judgment of the law. Instead, Indonesians must decide how history will judge the complex legacy of the man who ruled them for 32 years.

... ... ... ...

Between 300,000 and 1 million died in what the CIA called "one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century." Many more were jailed for years without trial and their families tainted by association. Ethnic Chinese also suffered as ties with Beijing were cut; Chinese-language materials were outlawed.

Suharto then eased aside his predecessor, the left-leaning Sukarno, and declared a "New Order" that demonized Communism. Within a few years, Indonesia rejoined the UN that Sukarno had exited in anger in 1965 and became a founding member of the anticommunist Association of Southeast Asian Nations. His reward was corporate investment and US military aid that became a bedrock of the regime.

Chinese lion dancing is a glue that binds in Indonesia - Feature

Posted : Thu, 31 Jan 2008 05:13:01 GMT
Author : DPA
Category : Culture (General)
Culture General News | Home

Jakarta- It was late in Indonesia's capital old town area when 25 youths were sweating, laughing and shouting to each other under the dark open sky, while practicing their dancing and jumping moves to the sound of a Chinese drum and cymbals. One of them was Syafri Sanusi, a 10-year-old boy who takes part as the head of the Barongsai, which means "to dance like a lion."

... ... ... ...

Following a failed coup by the Indonesian Communist Party in 1965, former dictator Suharto who died last Sunday on the age of 86, banned Chinese-language books and newspapers, Chinese names and symbols, and outlawed public celebrations of Chinese holidays.

"At that time, nobody dare to even think of performing the lion dance, we were really scared of the consequences," said Sjarif, who has performed with his troupe in front of three Indonesian presidents after the fall of Suharto.

Indonesian-Chinese finally won their rights after a pro-democracy movement in 1998 ousted Suharto and swept Abdurrahman Wahid into office the following year.

"I still recall the time of transition, when it was in 1999, we still needed a permission from the police to perform lion dance in public," said Andri Wijaya, 24, a member of the group.

"It has been better in the years after that," he said. "Now as you can see, my friends in this group vary - many of them are Muslims or non-Chinese ethnic. Lion dance is a universal language; I am proud of that."

Mayoritas masyarakat Indonesia sudah lupa bahwa dahulu kala pernah ada!

Barongsai di Kota Singkawang
7 min - Jul 14, 2007
...Penampilan Barongsai STIE Singkawang Maret 2007...Singkawang Kalimantan
From: PrimaProduction
Penampilan Barongsai STIE Singkawang
Maret 2007

fu xing gao cao
3 min - Feb 1, 2007
gao cao...lagu imlek
From: suryanto
lagu imlek

ta cia kuo ye khai shin nien
4 min - Feb 1, 2007
shin nien...lagu imlek
From: suryanto
lagu imlek

Janganlah pernah sekali-kali menuntut, menyalahkan Jenderal Soeharto, hal ini haruslah selalu diingat, janganlah pernah melupakannya!

Segera ajukan semua tuntutan ke Pemerintah Negara AS, dengan
kebijakan-kebijakannya kepada Indonesia!

Juga sampai pada hari ini, saat Anda membaca tulisan ini!

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